And so it begins…

by jamesjohnson92


Well, here I am. New blog, new topics and a whole new agenda. Before I set off on my American travels I was pestered a little bit to write a blog depicting my travels, thought’s and general mischief. Well, I decided balls to that. And I never blogged.

…Then I started writing in a journal. That was a bit silly. My desire to write came back, and well, here I am. I guess I was a little impressed with my own brain-vomit and decided it worthwhile to put font-to-screen. I guess I’ll have to see how it goes from here.

My new Agenda is that I have no agenda. If I write something, I’ll post it. You’ll read it. We might have a virtual cuddle and a cry. Maybe so emoticon chest bumps. Or you’ll not be interested and go on to a Hello Kitty blog and continue to waste braincells.

Lets see what happens,