The big why.

by jamesjohnson92

Recently I changed the title of this blog from ‘A day in the life of a hyperactive giant’ (The giant being myself, of course) to ‘In Pursuit of Awesome’. I’ve had a few questions about it and what I mean when I say that. The topic has definitely featured in a few of my more recent posts, so I’ve decided to share with you guys a summary of what I’m all about.

The Pursuit of Awesomeness

The pursuit of awesome for me is about looking for a life outside of the norm. A life that I want to live – not that I’m expected to live. No two things plague me more each and every day more than my perpetual fears of mortality and normality.

Mortality is simple; we all have an expiration date. None of us know when that is, where it will occur or how it will happen. It just will. No way around it (Unless you’re Highlander, Karate Kid or Bruce Forsyth apparently). It’s inescapable.

Normality is more complex. It’s subjective and relative to each and every person. To me normality is the day-to-day mundane tasks that are in 95% of people’s lives. I’m not talking ironing, washing the dishes or changing the oil in your car. I’m more scared by the big picture stuff. Working in an office, for a boss I don’t like. Sat in cubicles surrounded by people whom I don’t really care about. Setting my alarm to sit in the 07:00am traffic, counting down the days to my two-week holiday in Mallorca, with only a cold beer on a Friday night to look forward to in the meantime.

Normality is however, completely escapable.

I want a life on my terms where I’m my own boss and I make the rules. Travelling the world is my day-to-day task and my actual time working is far outweighed by the time spent doing other things.

My goals are founded in places and not money; Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Kilimanjaro and Tibetan Monasteries. Doing things I want to do, in places I want to be, with people I want to be around.

People will have already written me off. The ramblings of a 21-year-old Englishman with delusions of how the world actually is. And that is perfectly fine; my wish is not to step on the toes of those who see the world in their own way. We are each all entitled to our opinion.

But people are doing it each and every day, in their own way. There are those of us waking up to the realization that we don’t have to live in the way we’re expected to. You don’t have to follow the educational system, the work ladder and find a place to sit on the social hierarchy. You can be the you that you always dreamed about.

Reality Check

I have been open to opportunities that those of you out there in reader land may or may not have been exposed to. We have all lead different lives and we are all on our own path, to our own destination. I have always had the tremendous support of my family; they have always been understanding of my need to travel and have helped me in ways they couldn’t even fathom.

I also appreciate those people who enjoy job and life security, whom enjoy the nine to five and it brings them what they need from life. All the power to you. I’m not here to stop you – it’s just not what I want for myself, and what I know a lot of people who continually read this blog don’t want either.

None of what I write about or experience is an overnight fix. I cannot wake up tomorrow and be a jet setter that works 7 hours a week to the tune of x amount of money. It’s a process and life has to be planned in accordance with my plans.

Getting back to it…

My ultimate goal from this blog is to help people be successful in whatever path of life they choose. Whether that is a businessman, world traveller or professional table foosball player. Helping people is one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal, and it’s completely free for me to use. So why not share the love, right?

I want to give advice based on my own experiences taking my own route – and guide those who also want to take life in a similar direction.

Sharing the places I go, people I meet, things I do and how I shape my path from where I am now, to where I want to be is also high on my list of things to write about.

We will not agree on everything, we will not share the same views and sometimes it will just hit the nail on the head for the very thing you were struggling with.

I hope you guys stick along for the ride,