Creative Sleeping.

by jamesjohnson92

Falling asleep for some of us can be an absolute nightmare. If you’re anything like me it goes a little something like this:

Turn off the bedroom light, get in to bed, snuggle up and close your eyes. Then become part of the UN debate on Syria and figuring out where exactly Atlantis is on the map, all whilst listing the top 10 lyrics from movie soundtracks of the 1980’s.

No matter what, within two minutes of laying down my mind is in full throttle – solving problems, drawing pictures and coming up with ideas. Before eventually falling asleep, dreaming about a kitten chasing Bernard Manning around a shopping centre.

Instead of letting this annoyance get in my way, I decided to embrace it. I set myself a target; write down all the ideas you have whilst you’re falling asleep.

 Why? Partially because I’d forget at least 50% of the idea’s that came in to my head by the time I’d woken up. But mostly because when I’m falling asleep, I have some absolutely brilliant ideas.

 You see when you’re falling asleep – or in the car, the shower, bathtub or having a massage – you remove the divide between you, and your subconscious mind.  Our conscious minds are too busy dealing with the stresses of every day life to focus wholly on the bigger picture, so the work gets delegated. It goes straight to the back of your mind; where all day long problems are being solved, information is being stored and the things you should do are being itemised for you to use a later date. Once we remove the stresses, our subconscious clicks in to gear and the flow of brilliance can begin.

Since I started writing down my ideas my productivity has increased dramatically. I’ve taken on projects (such as this blog), learned new things and set entirely new goals based purely off my ideas from being relaxed.

My task for you guys is simple; write down all the ideas you have whilst you’re relaxed. All those odd, misshapen ideas that pop in to your mind when you least expect them – stick them in a notepad, or on your iPhone Apps, but write them down and remember them.

I only have one rule for this though; don’t judge your ideas. Embrace them, no matter how crazy. They have come to you for a reason, and they will help you at come point. You don’t have to act on them instantly – although sometimes you’ll just want to pounce – but remember them when the time comes.

I’d love to hear what ideas you guys come up with in the comments,


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