Be Scared.

by jamesjohnson92



Be Scared.

Be scared to do what it is you want to do. Be scared to get in to a relationship. Be scared to go to a job interview. Be scared about writing that blog post. Be scared about sharing your feelings with someone, anyone. Be scared to travel. Be scared to make the first move. Be scared to dream. Be scared to take the first step.

Then, go ahead and do it anyway. Go to the job interview. Get in to that relationship. Share your feelings, have big dreams and take that first step.

You know why?

Because nothing you ever did that was ultimately worthwhile, ever felt safe before you did it.

Interviews, exams, traveling, talking to that incredibly attractive person at the gas station and asking for help. All of these things, and much, much more – they’re all scary as hell before you do them. But afterwards, they always work out in our favor.

We’re scared because we doubt ourselves. We don’t believe that what we want to do is possible. That we might get rejected, people might not like it/you/us/me – or that somebody else can, and probably is, doing it better.

Do you know what the difference between everyone else out there and you? You. You’re the difference. Nobody else has your thoughts, your mind, your vision, your dreams, your back story or your drive to succeed. No one else can see the world like you, through your eyes. 

Your comfort zone– the place where you do all the things that come naturally, that don’t take any thinking or involve any risks – is the place where all good souls are lost.  This is where your life at the moment is. If you want change, this is the place you’ll have to leave.

If I could have one call to arms it would be this; be scared, not afraid.

Being afraid means you’ve let the fear take hold, that you don’t want to push past it, that the first step is too much. Being scared is an instinct, it’s a tool of self protection – but it also gives you the power to do great things, more than you even realize.

Be Scared.