Right here, right now.

by jamesjohnson92


Pretend for a second that there is no endgame. No afterlife; no heaven, no hell. There is nothing after this. All we have is what is right here, right now. The only thing standing between us and the end is time.

how would you live your life?

Would you be more aggressive in the pursuit of things that you want? Would you make more time for those you love? Do you take more risks?

This is not a stand against people who believe in something bigger. Not at all. As long as what you believe in doesn’t impede on other people, feel think and believe whatever fits your life.

All I’m asking is you imagine that there isn’t something else. Once you’re gone, you’re gone. What changes?

For me, I started to realise that time is our most valuable asset. Everything we long to do involves time. We need it for the smallest of jobs and the most gruelling of tasks.

Making the most of my present, with a close eye on the future and very little focus on the past.

Are you using your time wisely? Is every step you take towards the fulfilment of yourself- Personally, socially or professionally?

Do you find yourself wasting time on things that don’t need your time? Like being angry at people, getting wound up, gossiping or tweeting about your friends exploding cat?

The one unified thing that we all share is time. And the downside is it’s the only currency you can’t bank, you can’t save it up.

Each and every day, the grains of sand are passing through the hour glass and we can’t flip it over and get them back.

Now, I’m aware this post has quite a sombre feel about it. Being reminded that there is an end isn’t something anybody quite enjoys. But that is not my focus; my focus is that the only time you are guaranteed is the time you have now. Right this second.

Make the most of it.