Movin’ on up.

by jamesjohnson92


So this week has been a big move in my life – I finally shut down my Personal Training business. I hung up my boots, put my chalk away, chained up my Kettle Bells and sent out my last ever round of training programs.

This was a big decision for me. Over the past 2 to 3 years, all my dreams and aspirations centered on working with athletes. Becoming one of the worlds best personal trainers. Running my own gym by the time I was 30. 

I devoted a lot of time to becoming a good, solid personal trainer. I helped a lot of people – and it turn, without realizing it, those people helped me too – and I made an incredible group of friends whilst doing it.

There is a big chunk of me that is going to miss the crash of Olympic bars dropping. The smell of chalk as it floats off in to the air. And the oh-so delightful sound of women shouting ‘bastaaaaaaaaard’ to a gym full of people during a Deadlift session. But I’ve reached a point in my life where it was time to let go of it.


Because it wasn’t taking me towards where I wanted to be any longer.

The realm of Personal Training was becoming a step in the wrong direction. It wasn’t taking me towards my goals of being a writer or of being a traveller. It was taking time I could have spent writing and the energy I could have used seeing the world. No longer did it mark the road to success, but was leading me on a path to failure.

I held on to it for so long because it was safe. It was a fall back. It’s something I knew I could do, and could do well. I had clients who were set in stone and people who would train with me in a heartbeat.

But safe isn’t always better. Safe can make you stale, stagnant and boring.

Jumping off rocks in to the water isn’t safe. It’s basically throwing yourself off a cliff in to something you’re not sure of. How shallow is it? Are there any sharks or jellyfish? How do I get out? Why am I such a big baby and can’t bring myself to jump? But when you do it, it’s one of the most liberating feelings ever. And 99% of the time you come out on top.

That’s how it feels to let go of the past, to come out of the safe zone. Liberating.

It’s safe to say since I dropped my business I feel better. I have more energy, less worry and my creativity has gone through the roof. There are definitely things I need to think about, but I know that just like buses, another opportunity is just around the corner.

Challenge: Find Something you’re hanging on to, that you really feel you need to let go of and just do it. Let go of it. See how you feel. Worst comes to the worst, you just pick it back up again.


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